HVAC Work at Bow Street Apartments in Elk Grove

Dennis’ Heating and Air installed the Air Conditioning Units for 96 units at the Bow Street Apartments in Elk Grove, CA as well as for 1 Managers apartment and 1 Community Center. Along with the installation of those AC Units, we also installed 96 water source up-flow fan coils installed inside mechanical closets.

As you can see in the pictures below, we have a birds-eye-view of the Bow Street Apartment complex, looking down from the top. You can see on the rooftops are all the new AC units.

Also shown in this group of pictures is the solution for not having enough area to place an air conditioning unit on the ground (or if you don’t want it in your view!). We use a support system by Quick Sling. It keeps the unit elevated off the roof system and is very simple to earthquake fasten to them. The entire set up allows for a very professional looking, yet economical option to being on the ground.

Bobi Penrod