Mini Split – Single Room Air Conditioning!

People love the mini-split, single room air conditioning system! It's the perfect solution if your home doesn't have duct work, or you want to cool off single rooms rather than the whole house. You can also have multiple indoor units (wall mount, ceiling mount) connected to only one outdoor unit. This is a great system, allowing rooms to be different temperatures making everyone in the family happy.

As well as being ductless, they are also available ducted. They’re easy to install and are a great choice for making your home energy efficient.

Pick Your Room

With a ductless mini-split, you can heat or cool one room at a time. Why heat or cool an entire house if most of your time is spent in just a few rooms? With a mini-split, you can save money and energy! They last for years and years if well maintained.

Window Unit vs. Mini Split

Mini splits do not use duct work as well as window units. However, a window air conditioner can be easily removed from the outside by an intruder. The mini-split can heat a room or cool a room, but a window unit can only cool. In addition, it uses much less energy so you’ll save money! The ductless mini split system is very quiet and has the advantage of improving indoor air quality because of being ductless.

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Bobi Penrod