Maintenance & Repair

Remember maintenance on your Heating & Air system is the key ingredient to maintaining a long life of comfortable living. To keep your HVAC system running at optimum level and to prevent the need to replace it sooner than expected, we recommend you have your unit serviced regularly and repair any problems when they arise. Our highly trained team of professionals will be able to service your HVAC system at regular intervals on our Maintenance Program.

We also offer Safety Inspections, Performance Check-ups, Tune-ups and Professional Cleaning. You probably have heard before how your air conditioner is like a car. If you run the car year after year and never change the oil, you are at risk of completely damaging the engine and needing to buy a new car. Well it’s true. Your air conditioner/heater also needs some regular TLC. We can give it a Performance Check-up and the ‘tune-up’ it needs. Call Dennis’ Heating and Air today to schedule your home or business’ HVAC System Performance Check-up. We know you’ll be glad you did.

Let us help you feel comfortable and save money on your power bills, with a Service Plan to fit your Equipment Needs:

CHOOSE THE SERVICE PLAN FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT NEEDS – Prices are good in Shasta Lake, Redding, Palo Cedro, Happy Valley, Anderson, Cottonwood

Choose Plan A and B at same time, price $175.00 for both (if temps are adequate to check both at same time) – Prices are good under normal working hours Monday – Friday.